• EU Digital Market regulations: DSA and DMA

    Medea at the Tel Aviv workshop in Israel


    The workshop on EU Digital Markets Regulation took place the 29 November at the Sheraton Hotel in Tel Aviv, with the aim to illustrate to the Israeli institutions the role of the DSA and DMA as transversal regulations of online platforms and highlighted the interplay of these of piece of horizontal legislation with the sectorial vertical regulation of content (mainly the EMFA, but also AVMS and Copyright Directive). Representatives from European regulators shared their views with representatives from the platforms (Google and Meta) and with a newly established think-tank, MEDEA (Mediterranean Europe and Africa).MEDEA representatives, Sally Broughton Micova and Augusto Preta contributed on the two main themes of the workshop.Sally Broughton Micova joined a panel over the subject of the DSA. The DSA sets different tiers of obligations for intermediation services available to European users to counter the dissemination of illegal content (including products, services and activities) and in certain cases also harmful content. The obligations of the DSA increase proportionally to the active role of the service providers into storage and dissemination of content among its users.Augusto Preta introduced to the Israeli audience and institutions the DMA and analized the main challenges. The DMA is a new ex ante regulatory framework for digital platforms designated as gatekeepers. Its objective is to contribute to the proper functioning of the EU internal market by setting rules that ensure contestable and fair markets in the digital sector, to the benefit of both business and end users.The workshop was part of the Twinning Project initiatives among the Israeli Ministry of Communications (MoC) and the Regulatory Authorities of Italy (AGCOM), consortium leader, Germany (BNetzA) and Latvia (SPRK). The twinning project is funded by the European Union.

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